The Great Walk from Robe to Melbourne Walker Registration | 作為步行者,加入羅布之路的團隊
Starting in Robe 6.5.17 to Melbourne 25.5.17
The Great Walk from Robe to Melbourne Walker Registration | 作為步行者,加入羅布之路的團隊

Robe, South Australia
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Apply to be one of our Pioneer Walkers for The Great Walk- limit 20

申請成為我們的先鋒步行者 - 僅限20人

The Great Walk from Robe to Melbourne Walker Registration | 作為步行者,加入羅布之路的團隊

Robe, South Australia
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In commemoration of 160 years since thousands of Chinese miners arrived to Robe in South Australia and walked to the goldfields throughout Victoria, 20 Pioneer Walkers will re-enact the 552km journey these incredible men and women took. 


History of the Walk From Robe:

After The Red Ribbon Rebellion and Eureka Stockade uprising in Ballarat (both relating to miners objecting the expense of a miner’s license), in an attempt to prevent any further unrest, the Victorian government sought to restrict the number of Chinese entering the colony and introduced the Chinese Immigration Act. This limited the entry of Chinese to one person per tonne of ship cargo and imposed a ten pound per head tax on every Chinese person entering a Victorian port. Ship owners caught on quickly and started advertising passage to free ports like South Australia which resulted in the gold seekers having to walk to the goldfields throughout Victoria. The terrible journey which lost many to exhaustion and sickness became known as the "walk from robe". 



As a Pioneer Walker:

You will walk the entire 552km journey from Robe, South Australia to Parliament House in Melbourne, Victoria. With a support crew to help you on your walk, you'll journey between 15km-35km each day, making 19 overnight stops in towns like Penola, Casterton, Hamilton, Linton and Ballarat. All accommodation and food along with some clothing will be provided for you. 

This is a big mental and physical challenge, therefore before being accepted you will be required to undertake a full medical examination. 

If you would like to be involved as one of our Pioneer Walkers, please answer the questions included in the registation. If you are successful in moving forward, we will be in touch for an interview and to discuss the walk further.